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Dan Dare Gallery 7

This page contains a large number of high-quality images, so please allow some time for them all to load...

From "Operation Saturn"
A selection of Dan Dare images taken from
the 1950's and 60's Eagle comic and annual.
  From "Operation Saturn"

Treen Spacesharks!

From "The Phantom Fleet"  
  From "The Phantom Fleet"
Frank Bellamy's 1960's update of Dan Dare  
  From "Project Nimbus"

From "The Solid-space Mystery"

  From "The Moonsleepers"
Eagle Annual for 1965  

2000AD issue 7 from 1977: Artwork by Massimo Balardinelli.
2000AD Prog #7

2000AD issue 12: Art by Mike Western.
2000AD Prog #12

2000AD issue 81: Art by Dave Gibbons.
2000AD Prog #81

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