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Original Artwork Showcase 5

A scan of a frame from the "Reign of the Robots" Dan Dare story, the third part of "The Man From Nowhere" trilogy.
A scan of a frame from the "Reign of the Robots" Dan Dare story

My thanks to Terry Doyle for supplying the above scan. Terry also provided this commentary to accompany the scan:

Quite often, when looking at pages of the original art, you are suddenly impressed by pages that looked merely routine/unspectacular on the actual
printed pages of Eagle. Here is one such example. There is a great 3-D feel to this opening story frame, with the stages of foreground, middle-ground
and background. The colours really 'glow' . . . the crackling fire . . . the shadows cast against the giant boulder . . . the Elektrobot sentry in
the distance . . . everything works so well in this beautiful illustration! Hampson's inventiveness is deceptively subtle at first glance, but on
closer inspection the artwork reveals more of its craft.

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