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General Quarters II

Enter your name (or leave it as "Anonymous" if you prefer) and then click on Enter to start. You are playing against your computer and you have 5 ships each: an Aircraft Carrier, a Battleship, a Frigate, a Submarine and a Minesweeper. Select one of your ships with your mouse and move it onto your 10 x 10 game grid. Use the Cursor Left and Right keys (Arrow keys) to turn your ship around before placing it if you wish. Click to place it. Deploy all your ships in this way. Your computer will not be able to see where your ships are. It will deploy its 5 ships on its own 10 x 10 game grid, and you will not be able to see where they are. You have the first shot, and then you take it in turns to select grid squares to fire at. You have to locate and sink each other's ships. The first one to sink all 5 wins the game.

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