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Duck Hunt

This Duck Hunt Flash online game is 0.42 MB in size, so please allow some time for it to load...

This is a Flash version of the classic 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) light-gun game. It was especially popular during the late 80's as it was included on the same NES cartridge as the original Super Mario Bros. game (pictured below).
Choose between original Game A (1 Duck), original Game B (2 Ducks) and new Game D (Dogs) - original Game C (Clay Shooting) is not included in this version. With Game A and Game B, kill the required number of ducks to move on to the next round. A perfect score awards 10,000 bonus points. The new "Dog Hunt" Game D is a parody for those who played the original game and who still have issues with that laughing dog! Instead of the good old NES light-gun, for these games aim with your mouse and Left Click to shoot.

The Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridge that included "Duck Hunt" with the original Super Mario Bros. game

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